Toby Price

Professional Racer

  • Toby grew up in the small town of Hilston, NSW with the population of 1052. His father, John Price, used to race in class five of the Australian Off-Road Championships, which Toby believes is where he discovered his passion for motorsports in general. At the young age of 4, Toby won his first motorcycle race. This win was the first of a string of winnings, which has seen Toby’s career sky rocket.

  • I've been using CTi knee braces for almost a decade and to be honest I wouldn't trust my knees in any other support product. The fit, function and technology behind the product is like no other. CTi knee braces play a huge role in reducing any unwanted injuries and allowing me to compete to my greatest ability.

  • 2016 3rd Overall – World Championships

    2016 1st Outright – Dakar Rally

    2015 1st Outright – Finke Desert Race

    2015 1st Outright – Hattah Desert Race

    2015 1st in Australian Off-Road Champion

    2015 1st Outright – Finke Desert Race

    2014 1st Outright – Australian Off-Road Endurance Championships

    2014 1st Outright – Hattah Desert Race

    2014 1st Outright – Finke Desert Race

Marc Jacobs


  • Marc Jacobs grew up with salt in his veins and wind in his face in New Zealand. It took him 3 years of saving up his earnings from his paper run before he could afford a kite and spent a year playing with his kite on the beach and jumping off sand dunes, before he could afford a board to go with it.

  • The CTI knee braces which most pro kiteboarders are wearing offer less chance of re-injuring ourselves. This is what helps give us our confidence back on the water. Plus when you get a custom one made and put it on, your knee feels super safe and strong and makes you forget about it, which allows you to continue to push the sport.

  • 10x New Zealand Champion 2007-2017

    2016 4th WKL World Tour Stop, New Caledonia

    2015 2nd PKRA World Tour Stop, Tarifa

    2014 1st Morocco PKRA World Tour

    2013 1st Germany PKRA World Tour

Joany Badenhorst


  • At the age of 10, Joany was involved in a severe tractor accident on her parents' farm in South Africa resulting in the loss of her left leg below the knee. After being fitted with a prosthetic leg and moving to Australia, Joany was identified as a track and field athlete with serious potential. When she missed out on selection for the 2012 Australian Paralympic Team, she was approached to transfer to the new Para-snowboard program ahead of the 2014 Paralympic Winter Games. With Para-snowboarding making is debut that year, Joany was the first female from Australia to compete in the sport on the world's biggest stage.

  • I've been using CTi knee braces for about 5 snow seasons and there is just no other product out there that would allow me to be competitive in such a high impact sport! With no functioning knee ligaments and a knee prone to hyper extension and dislocation, CTi braces are the most trustworthy I’ve have ever used. There is no other product out there that can give me the same quality and quantity of time on snow. CTi knee braces play a huge role in preventing injuries on and off snow - whether it’s going to the gym or hitting the features while I race, it’s always got my back.

  • Overall World Champion for Women’s Boarderscross LL2

    6x bronze medals - 2016 IPC World Cup

    2x gold medals – 2017 World Cup

    2x silver medals – 2017 World Cup

    6x bronze medals – 2017 World Cup

    6x bronze medals - 2016 IPC World Cup

    3x silver medals - 2016 IPC World Cup

    2nd place in the world - Banked Slalom, 2016 IPC World Cup

Maddy Brown

Supercross, Motocross

  • Maddy comes from Seville, in the Yarra Valley Victoria. She has had an interest in bikes from a very young age and started competing at a club level when she was 10yrs old. Her passion for bikes grew stronger each year, and still remains focused and dedicated to the motorsport 110% to this day. She mainly raced the boys in juniors as there was no junior girl competition at state level in Victoria whilst she was a junior but still managed to get a podium finish against them for a 3rd in a VIC Title. Maddy was regraded to A grade juniors before she went up to the seniors. Maddy stepped up to senior ranks as a B Grade senior and placed 4th in 125 class in the Victorian Titles in her first year and 2nd overall in the Women's State Title. From then on she progressed to the top and was one of the first Women to be Regraded to A Grade Senior. She is currently the Victorian State Champion, sits 2nd in the National Championship and finished 6th overall in the A Grade class.

  • I love wearing my CTi customs while riding because I feel 100% safe in them. They are measured and shaped to my knees so they are the perfect fit. They feel firm and have a great fit and most of all have great movement while I'm riding my bike, they’re not restricting at all. They also come in any choice of colour which is pretty cool! After riding in my CTi’s I would never go back to anything else.

  • 2017 – 1st National Australian Motocross Champion

    2017 – Several Top 10 finishes MXGP World Championship

    22016 – 2nd National Australian Motocross Championship

    2016 – 3rd Australian SX Intermediate Class (Only Female)

    2014, 2015, 2016 - 1st Victorian Title

    2014, 2015 - 1st National Australian Motocross Champion

    2015 - 1st Australian Women's Supercross Champion

    2014 - 1st National Australian Motocross Champion

    2015 - MXGP World Championship Podium 3rd in France

    2014 - 2nd Women's Hattah Desert Race

Rhys Carter


  • Currently living in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand, Rhys has been racing motocross since he was just 4 years old and says that has never looked back. Rhys has been lucky enough to travel the world for motocross and meet some awesome people along the way. He still loves motocross as much as he did when he first got on his bike as an infant.

  • I love wearing my CTi knee braces, I feel so safe wearing them and wouldn't put my knees in anything else. You can't go past the safety of the custom CTi knee braces as it makes for a snug fit to your knee and protects your knee so well.

  • 2017 3rd MX1 New Zealand Motocross Nationals

    2017 AMA Privateer Award, Hangtown

    2017 RC Hard Charger Award, Glen Helen

    2014 signed Australian Factory Suzuki

    2013 Selected for Motocross of Nations

    2013 Mx2 5th Australian Motocross Nationals

    2013 Mx2 3rd New Zealand Motocross Nationals

    2012 Mx2 3rd New Zealand Motocross Nationals

Greta Small

Australian Alpine Ski Team

  • Greta Small is Australia’s top female Alpine skier who began her sport on plastic skis as a two-year-old, and went on to become the Australian Flagbearer at the inaugural 2012 Winter Youth Olympic Games in Austria, notching up seventh in the Slalom and Super G events and 13th in the Giant Slalom and Super Combined.

    Small was the second-youngest competitor in the field at her debut World Championships in 2013 in Austria, finishing 25th in the Super Combined event in a field of over 100 competitors. 2013 also delivered a silver medal at the Junior World Championships in Quebec, Canada in the Super G and bronze in Slalom in the U18 division and saw her debut on the World Cup circuit before qualifying for the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games at just 18-years-old.

  • My CTi Custom knee brace is like my insurance policy. I've put in the hard work and years of training to be at my best; I don't want any more setbacks. The CTi knee braces offer my knees protection, strength and peace of mind with a super comfortable snug fit, enabling me to push my limits and reach for higher speeds!

  • 20th Place Women’s Downhill - 2018 Pyeongchang Olympic Games

    15th Place Women’s Alpine Combined – 2014 Sochi Olympic Games

    15th Place Women’s Alpine Combined – 2014 Sochi Olympic Games

    2012 Australian Flagbearer for Opening Ceremony at the First Winter Youth Olympic Games